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«Step 7+1: Compare with previous ECG Cases and Examples»

Author(s) J.S.S.G. de Jong, MD
Moderator J.S.S.G. de Jong, MD
some notes about authorship

After working through the seven steps, one has to draw a final conclusion. If one gets the question 'what do you see on the ECG?', the questioner probably is not waiting for a summation of the seven steps, but would like to hear your interpretation of the ECG. This interpretation, or final conclusion, is the starting point for treatment of the patient.

Examples of conclusions are:

  • "Sinus tachycardia with ST elevation, likely caused by acute myocardial infarction"
  • "Supraventricular tachycardia of 200 beats per minute caused by an AV nodal re-entry"
  • "Previous infarction combined with an acute lateral myocardial infarction with widening of the QRS complexes"
  • "Normal ECG"

Final conclusions should consist of one sentence, which sums up all important aspects of the ECG. It is not necessary to mention all 7 aspects, although one has to look at all of them to find the right conclusion!