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We use the following definitions for titles involved in page maintenance:

The main author of the page. The person who did the actual typing and contributed substantially.
An experienced cardiologist who has initially read the page and agreed with the content. Authors can ask advisors for scientifical advise.
The person who receives a transcript of all adjustments made to the page. This will preferably be the author or one of the authors. The moderator decides whether to accept, alter or decline the adjustments. In order to keep the website dynamic, adjustments are implemented immediately and can be made without the moderators approval. As this websites concept develops more and more, we will decide whether this carries a great risk of the introduction of erroneous content or not. Thusfar, this potential issue has not been a problem. In technical terms, the moderator has the user level of 'bureaucrat'.
Users who have made substantial improvements to the page. The moderator in conjuction with the author(s) decide whether the user will be granted 'editor' status.