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A Concise History of the ECG

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'''1988''' Professor John Pope Boineau of Washington University School of Medicine publishes a 30-year percpective on the modern history of electrocardiography. <cite>Boineau</cite>
[[image:Brugada_portraitBrugada.jpg|thumb|150px|left|Pedro Brugada]]'''1992''' Pedro Brugada and Josep brugada of Barcelona publish a series of 8 cases of sudden death, Right Bundle Branch Block pattern and ST elevation in V1 - V3 in apparently healthy individuals. This 'Brugada Syndrome' may account for 4-12% of unexpected sudden deaths and is the commonest cause of sudden cardiac death in individuals aged under 50 years in South Asia. The technology of the electrocardiogam, which is over 100 years old, can still be used to discover new clinical entities in cardiology. <cite>Brugada</cite>
'''1992''' Cohen and He describe a new non-invasive approach to accurately map cardiac electrical activity by using the surface Laplacian map of the body surface electrical potentials. <cite>He</cite>

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