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P Wave Morphology

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[[Image:Normaal ecg.jpg|thumb| An example of normal sinus rhythm.]]
[[Image:Nsr.jpg|thumb| Another example of normal sinus rhythm.]]
{| class="Wikitable"! Characteristics of a normal p wave:<cite>Spodick</cite>|-|
*The maximal height of the P wave is 2.5 mm in leads II and / or III
*The p wave is positive in II and AVF, and bifasic in V1
*The p wave duration is usually shorter than 0.12 seconds
Elevation or depression of the [[PTa segment]] (the part between the p wave and the beginning of the QRS complex) can result from [[Ischemia#Atrial infarction|Atrial infarction]] or [[Clinical Disorders#Pericarditis|pericarditis]].

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