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QRS axis

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|mainauthor= [[user:Vdbilt|I.A.C. van der Bilt, MD]]
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==What is the electrical heartaxis?==
[[Image:hartas2.jpg|thumb|De hartas geeft het gemiddelde aan van alle electrische ontladingenThe heartaxis indicates the average directiuon of the depolarization wave. Een normale hartasA normal heartaxis, zoals op dit plaatjethe picture shows an example, ligt tussen de is between -30 en and +90 gradendegrees. Hier is de hartas ongeveer +45 graden.]]
[[Image:einthhartas.png|thumb|Hartas uit de originele publicatie van Einthoven. Reprinted from The Lancet, March 30 1912, Einthoven W.,
''The Different Forms of The Human Electrocardiogram and Their Signification'', 853-861, 1912, with permission from

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