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Eponymous ECG's

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[[File:Wpw_full_ecg2.jpg|thumb|right|A 12 lead ECG example of Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome]]
In 1930 Louis Wolff, Sir John Parkinson and Paul Dudley White described 11 patients who suffered from bouts of tachcyardias. Their ECGs showed two abnormalities: a short PQ time and a delta-wave. Ever since one speaks of the Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome in patients with complaints of syncope and / or tachycardia and a pre-exitation pattern on the ECG ([[WPW syndrome]] = WPW pattern + symptoms). Not all patients with a WPW pattern on the ECG are symptomatic. The prevalence of the WPW or pre-exitation pattern is relatively common in the general population (about 0.15-0.25%).<cite>wpw</cite>
==Osborn J wave==
[[File:Osborn wave.gif|250px|right|thumb|Osborn wave. 81-year-old black male with BP 80/62 and temperature 89.5 degrees F (31.94 C).]]
The prominent J deflection attributed to hypothermia was first reported in 1938 by Tomaszewski. These waves were then definitively described in 1953 by John J. Osborn (born 1917) and were named in his honor.<cite>osborn</cite>
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