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Technical Problems

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Lead reversals
It is possible to distinguish lead reversal and [[w:Dextrocardia|dextrocardia]] by watching the precordial leads. Dextrocardia will not show any R wave progression in leads V1-V6, whereas lead reversal will.
<gallery perRow{{multiple image| align = right| direction ="4">verticalImage:| width = 200 | image1 = E000566.jpg|normalcaption1 = A Normal ECGImage:| image2 = E000567.jpg|caption2 = left right armreversalImage:| image3 = E000563.jpg|caption3 = left arm left leg reversalImage:| image4 = E000564.jpg|caption4 = left leg right leg reversal.Image:| image5 = E000568.jpg|caption5 = v3 v2 reversal</gallery>}} 

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