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Approach to the Wide Complex Tachycardia

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== Ultrasimple Brugada criterion ==
[[File:RWPT.svt|thumb|right|300px|R-wave to Peak Time ≥ 50ms in lead II strongly suggests VT]]In 2010 Joseph Brugada et al. published a new criterion to differentiate VT from SVT in wide complex tachycardias: the R wave peak time in Lead II <cite>Brugada2</cite>. They suggest measuring the duration of onset of the QRS to the first change in polarity (either nadir Q or peak R) in lead II. If the RWPT is ≥ 50ms the likelihood of a VT very high (positive likelihood ratio 34.8). This criterion was successful in their own population of 163 selected patients and is awaiting prospective testing in a larger trial.
== Vereckei algorithm <cite>Vereckei</cite>==
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