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Try to interprete this ECG using the 7+2 step method Look at the consecutive ECGs in this patient. What is the problem that causes the arrhythmia in rhythm strip 2?


  • The first rhythm strip shows sinusrhythm with a severely prolonged QT interval. In total four ventricular premature beats are present on this strip. All fall within the T wave of the previous sinus beat.
  • The second strip shows Torsade de Pointes with a typical short (not shown) - long - short initial sequence.
  • The third ECG shows severe QT prolongation with a stretched QT segment and small T wave, consistent with Type 2 LQTS.
  • The fourth ECG shows the same patient later in time.

This patient was suffering from severe hypokalemia. The consecutive ECGs were made during correction of the hypokalemia.


Rhythm strip 1

Rhythm strip 2

Rhythm strip 3

Rhythm strip 4