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===Main Authors===
===Main Authors===

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Main Authors

  • J.S.S.G. de Jong, MD, cardiologist, AMC, the Netherlands
  • P.G. Postema, MD, cardiology research fellow, AMC, the Netherlands, author
  • Rob Kreuger, illustrator, AMC, the Netherlands


  • A.A.M. Wilde, MD PhD, FACC, FESC, FAHA,AMC, The Netherlands
  • W.A. de Voogt, MD PhD, SLAZ, The Netherlands
  • Dr. Alberto Giniger, chief of the Electrophysiology and Arrhythmias Department of the Instituto Cardiovascular de Buenos Aires (ICBA), Argentina.
  • M. Rosengarten, BEng, MD, McGill University, Canada

R.B.A. van den Brink, MD PhD, AMC, The Netherlands; Vincent de Rover, RN, AMC, The Netherlands; R.W. Koster, MD PhD, AMC, The Netherlands; K.J. Rooyaards, MD, OLVG, the Netherlands; L.R.C. Dekker, MD PhD, cardiologist, AMC, The Netherlands; M. Meuwissen, MD, AMC, The Netherlands; I.A. Khan, MD, Division of Cardiology, Department of Medicine, Creighton University School of Medicine, Omaha, Nebraska; M.L.J.M. van de Wetering, MD, cAMC, the Netherlands; D. Kuys, registered nurse, OLVG, the Netherlands; K. Arkenbout, MD, PhD, AMC, The Netherlands

Corrections, additions and other contributions

I.A.C. van der Bilt, MD; T.T. Keller, MD, PhD, Bart Duineveld, Abdelghani Bouhiouf, Sabriena Henderson, Amon Heijne, A.O. Verkerk; A.C.G. van Ginneken, K.H.W.J. Ten Tusscher, K. Goldin, MD, S. Rijkenberg, J. van der Hoek