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  • [[Image:nsr.png|thumb| A short ECG registration of normal heart rhythm (sinus rhythm)]] ...'' will be presented. This is followed by the interpretation of the normal ECG according to the 7+2 step plan:
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  • ..."top:+0.2em; font-size:95%;">a free electrocardiography (ECG) tutorial and textbook to which anyone can contribute ,<br /> designed for medical professionals s ...%;">Also visit our new [ Textbook of Cardiology].</div>
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  • ...e="top:+0.2em; font-size:95%;">a free electrocardiography (ECG) course and textbook to which anyone can contribute ,<br /> designed for medical professionals s * [[ECG course|ECG course]]
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  • Left and right ventricular hypertrophy can be distinguished on the ECG: To diagnose left ventricular hypertrhophy on the ECG one of the following criteria should be met:
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  • [[Category:ECG Textbook]]
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  • :ECGpedia is an free online electrocardiography (ECG) course and textbook. All content is freely accessible. Anyone can contribute to the website and you credit the author and it's origin (e.g. state somewhere readable: ''ECG courtesy of Dr. De Voogt and'' if you would use one of Dr De V
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  • ...usly disturbed. The '''pacemaker rhythm''' can easily be recognized on the ECG. It shows '''pacemaker spikes''': vertical signals that represent the elect'''. As ventricular pacing occurs exclusively in the right ventricle the ECG shows a left bundle branch block pattern. An exception to this rule is left
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  • ECG changes typical for digoxin '''use''' (digoxin = Lanoxin) are: ECG changes typical for digoxin '''intoxication''' are:
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  • ...ed depolarization of the upper anterior part of the left ventricle. On the ECG this results in left axis deviation. The QRS width is <0.12 seconds in isol [[Category:ECG Textbook]]
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  • ...ial infarction'''. That is why it is critical to recognize ischemia on the ECG in an early stage. ...efore, it may be difficult to estimate the duration of the ischemia on the ECG, which is crucial for adequate treatment.
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  • The history of the ECG goes back more than one and a half centuries. ...nt for measuring (and recording) electricity - this is essentially what an ECG is; a sensitive galvanometer.
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