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De rien. Ok. ;) The worst feeling is when someone makes you feel special, then suddenly leaves you hanging& you have to act like you dont care at all. Recordando cuando celebramos los 50 Aniversario de mis abuelitos... Así es como te das cuenta que el tiempo pasa muy rápido. CONGRATULATION BABEEEEEEE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! big sean still kills the motherlovein track though, aint even gonna front lol imgone carelessworld follow back being intuitive does something to do with being an Aquarius. We're able to see through emotions to the core of something. PHILIPPINES: LGBT Radio Switches to Podcasting GdnDevNetwork mdg ": Jajajaja." De que te riiiiiiiiesss!! I Don't want to Study It's amazing how stupid you can be when you're in love.. If we don't have to deal with 1 health insurance splashes from hoverers, we've got to step in dribbles from aimless men. love.

Heem ._. yeah \m/ Cahyaayak ava lu yang ini keren -_- cheers Donal ! Thanks a million for putting it up Make sure to vote for SNSD (Girls' Generation) on MAMA GO~ GO~ GO~ hi I like you too. Some tropical steez. rbma2012 Un amig es alguien que te levanta el pelo cuando vomitas después de que te ayudó a tomar tanto que tienes que vomitar. Eu pensando que ainda são 9hrs u.u : " ". Are you new in osexynayion?: I thought she just Confirmed it oh! Or was our Big Sis just trying to be Sarcastic? Weekly Chart MBC every idol 120225 - 91Line 3 Key: Weekly Chart MBC every idol 120225 - 91Line 3 Key Pizza with and Jaci <3

When someone sends you a text that says "call me". Why didn't you just call me? FollowBack oh please lah. Jai lagi handsome k. Dah. I win wehehehe :P If you haven't heard already, 7 BCFC legends were inducted into the club's Hall of Fame last night. Full story here: Muitas vezes nos temos que nos perder, para que alguém nos encontre. Ahora dormís un rato y en un par de horas te levantás y te das cuenta de que estás en 2012. Ahh, silk fabric, colors to die for. Firing myself up for these auditions salutami con grande affetto MR. Abbondanza....grazie.....:-) : rinaya rinaya .. rinaya met der dikke tieten *zingt* « Me cagas. Bela homenagem da quadrinista à banda Nenhum de Nós Eh wait we do xi zi already right Purée mais les gens de 20 piges qui se marient et qui ont des enfants C'EST QUOI VOTRE PB ? Y'a pas le feu, profitez de la vie ! Me and dad made a bet. If I get 100 RT's on this, he'll try to stop smoking. pleaseremessage De que color el moño? xD jajajaa É em japones, mas eu adoro ela. DLN e Reila, do The GazettE também. Lindas lindas, e as letras... <3