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*The [ historic timeline] of the Cardionetworks Foundation shows the development.*All Cardionetworks sites now run on green power from NaturEnergie AG.
*April 2008. Due to high traffic, all websites have been moved to a new server.
*The first [[media:Normal_SR.swf|animation]] made by Bart Duineveld for ECGpedia is finished.
*Give us feedback on how to improve this site: [ contact / feedback form].* is part of [ Cardionetworks].
*Read the section with [[Frequently Asked Questions]] for more information.
*[[Authors|These people]] have contributed to ECGpedia.
*Also read how you can [[Contributing to ECGpedia|contribute to ECGpedia]]!
*Follow the [[Timeline|development of ECGpedia]].*General [[References]].
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