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Intraventricular Conduction

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*[[#Left_Bundle_Branch_Block_.28LBBB.29| Left Bundle Branch Block (LBBB))]]
*[[#Right_Bundle_Branch_Block_.28RBBB.29| Right Bundle Branch Block(RBBB)]]
*Interventricular Intraventricular conduction delay
A right or left axis rotation can be caused by a:
*[[#Left_Anterior_Fascicular_Block_.28LAFB.29| left Left anterior fascicular block (LAFB)]]*[[#Left_Posterior_Fasicular_Block_.28LPFB.29| left Left posterior fascicular block (LPFB)]]
Sometimes this conduction delay is '''frequency-dependent ''': the bundle branch block occurs only at higher heart rates and disappears at slower heart rates.


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