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QRS Morphology

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*Are there any [[Q waves|pathological Q waves]] as a sign of previous myocardial infarction?
*Are there signs of left or right ventricular [[hypertrophy]]?
*Does the QRS complex show [[microvoltagesmicrovoltage]] (roughly QRS < 5mm)?
*Is the conduction normal or [[Conduction delay|prolonged]] (QRS-interval > 0,12s)?
*Is the R wave propagation normal? Normally R waves become larger from V1-V5. At V5 it should be maximal. If the R wave in V2 is larger than in V3, this could be a sign of a (previous) [[Posterior MI|posterior myocardial infarction]]. Other causes are noted in the chapter [[Clockwise and Counterclockwise rotation]].


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