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[[Image:nsr.png|thumb| A short ECG registration of normal heart rhythm (sinus rhythm)]]
The aim of this course is to enable the student to understand and recognize the normal ECG and to be able to interprete interpret abnormalities. The course is divided in into two different sections. First the '''[[basics]]''' will be presented. This is followed by the interpretation of the normal ECG according to the 7+2 step plan:
==7+2 step plan==
'''Note:''' It is important to realize that not all of these steps may be applicable when you encounter ECG abnormalities. If , for example , the rhythm is not sinus in the [[Rhythm|first step]], the algorithm to analyze [[dysrhythmias]] should be followed. If a [[LBBB|Left Bundle Branch Block]] is present in [[Conduction|step 3]], [[ST morphology]] will be strongly influenced by this defect.
Finally the '''real world''' is presented through [[Cases and Examples|'''practice ECGs''']].
If you Afteryou have finished the course you are invited to come back to read more about abnormal ECGs in the '''ECG textbook'''.
==ECG textbook==


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