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Intraventricular Conduction

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[[Image:LBTB_RBTB_en.png|thumb| A bundle branch block causes a delay in the depolarization of the right (RBBB) or left (LBBB) ventricle. In RBBB the QRS complex shows a second peak or R' in V1.]]
Check V1 when QRS > 0,12 sec.
When the last "terminal force" of the QRS in V1 is below the baseline (moving away from V1i.e. QS wave), a LBBB is the most likely diagnosis. When the last activity "terminal force" of the QRS in V1 is above the baseline(i.e. RSR' wave), it's a RBBB.
If the QRS > 0.12 sec. but the morphological criteria of LBBB or RBBB do not apply, it is called 'interventriculair conduction delay', a general term.
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