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Answer MI 14

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{{Case||previouspage=MI 13|previousname=MI 13|nextpage=AnswersMI 15|nextname=MI 15}}'''Where is this myocardial infarction located?''' [[Image:Casus2_2.jpg|700px|thumb|left|ECG MI 14. Click on image for enlargement.]][[Image:Casus2_1.jpg|700px|thumb|left|ECG MI 14. Not that this V3-V6 are on the right side of the chest. Click on image for enlargement.]]{{clr}}===Answer===
* Describe the ECG according to the 7 + 2 stepplan
**Compare with the old ECG (not available)
**conclusion. What is going on?
'''Answer: Inferior wall infarct with right ventricular involvement and:
* Sinusbradycardia, probably because the sinusnodebranch, coming from the RCA is lacking perfusion.
* Left heart axis
[[Image:Casus2_2.jpg|thumb|300px|left| the ECG]]
[[Image:Casus2_1.jpg|thumb|300px|left| This is a right lead ECG]]

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