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Clinical Disorders

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*prominent u-waves.
These abnormalites are frequently seen after [[w:Subarachnoid_hemorrhage|subarachnoid_hemorrhage (SAH)]] (if measured serially, almost every SAH patients has at least one abnormal ECG.), but also in [[w:Subdural_haematoma|subdural haematoma]], ischemic [[w:Cerebrovascular_accident|CVA]]'s, [[w:Brain_tumor|brain Tumors]], [[w:Guillain-Barre|Guillain BarréBarré]], [[w:Epilepsy|epilepsy]] and [[w:Migraine|migraine]]. The ECG changes are generally reversible and have linited prognostic value. However, the ECG changes can be accompanied with myocardial damage and echocardiographic changes. The cause of the ECG changes is not yet cl;ear. The most common hypothesis is that of a neurotramittor "catecholaminestorm" caused by sympathtic stimulation.
==Cardiac contusion==
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