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#Redirect [[Clinical_Disorders#Image:Stadia_pericarditis.png|thumb| Several stages of pericarditis]][[Image:ptadepressie.png|thumb| This enlargement shows clear PTa depression]][[Image:ptadepressieecg.png|thumb| The 12 lead ECG of this patient shows PTa depression, but no ST elevation]][[Image:12leadpericarditis.png|thumb| Another 12 lead example of pericarditis.]] [[w:Pericarditis|Pericarditis]]is an inflammation of the pericardium. This can lead to ST elevation in all leads. Therefore, it is important to distinguish pericarditis from a [[myocardial infarction]], which has more acute complaints and ST-elevations are limited to the infarct area. In pericarditis four stages can be distinguished on the ECG:*stage I: ST elevation in all leads. PTa depression (depression between the end of the P-wave and the beginning of the QRS- complex)*stage II: pseudonormalisation (transition)*stage III: inverted T-waves*stage IV: normalisation Keep into account that in stage I pericarditis, ST-elevation is present in all leads except in aVR, V1 and III.{{clr}}
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