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How do I begin to read an ECG?
Where do we look when watching an ECG?
* top left are the patient's information, name, sex and date of birth
* at the right of that are below each other the [[heart frequency]], the [[Conduction time intervals (PQ,QRS,QT)|conduction time intervals]] (PQ,QRS,QT/QTc), and the [[cardiac Heart axis]] (P-top axis, QRS axis and T-top axis)
* further to the right is the interpretation of the ECG written (this often misses in a 'fresh' ECG, but later the interpretation of the cardiologist or computer will be added)
* down left is the 'paper speed' (25mm/s on the horizontal axis), the sensitivity (10mm/mV) and the filter's frequency (40Hz, filters noise from eg. lights)

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