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Eponymous ECG's

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The De Winter ECG is sometimes seen in myocardial infarction with proximal LAD occlusion. It is rather rare (2% of cases). There is no anterior ST segment elevation. Instead the ST segment shows a 1- to 3-mm upsloping ST-segment depression at the J point in leads V1 to V6 that continues into tall, positive symmetrical T waves. The QRS complexes are usually not widened or only slightly widened, and sometimes there is a loss of precordial R-wave progression. In most patients there is a 1- to 2-mm ST-elevation in lead aVR. <cite>dewinter</cite> Prof. Robert de Winter is an intervention cardiologist in the Academic Medical Center in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.{{clr}}
==Brugada syndrome==
[[File:Brugada_syndrome_type1_example2.png|A 12 lead example of Brigade syndrom|thumb|right]]
The [[Brugada syndrome]] is an hereditary disease that is associated with high risk of sudden cardiac death. It is characterized by typical ECG abnormalities: ST segment elevation in the precordial leads (V1 - V3).<cite>brugada</cite>

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