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Ventricular Premature Beats

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[[Image:Rhythm_ventricular_premature.png|thumb| The arrow indicates a ventricular extrasystole (VES).]]
[[Image:Rhythm_bigemini.png|thumb|Bigemini: every sinus beat is followed by a ventricular extrasystole]]
[[File:E000603.png|thumb|This ECG shows frequent premature beats from the right ventricular outflow tract]]
A VPB is an [[Ectopic Beats|ectopic beat]] that originates from the ventricles. VPBs are conducted by the specialized conduction system and therefore are broad. The QRS width is at least > 0.12 seconds, but often very broad at around 0.16-0.20 seconds. The VPB is usually followed by a [[Ectopic Beats|compensatory pause]], however this can be absent in the presence of retrograde conduction through the av-node.

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