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Intraventricular Conduction

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Left Posterior Fasicular Block (LPFB)
;Criteria for posterior fascicular block:
:Right [[heart #Frontal plane axis|between 90° and 180° in adults. Owing to the more rightward axis in children up to 16 years of age, this criterion should only be applied to them when a distinct rightward change in axis deviation]] >+120°; is documented.:Deep S #rS pattern in leads I; and aVL.:Small q #qR pattern in leads III; and aVF.:No or very few #QRS widening;duration less than 120 ms.
:Right ventricular [[hypertrophy]] and previous [[Ischemia#Lateral|lateral myocardial infarction]] have been excluded
==Mechanisms of aberrant conduction==
[[Image:E000573.jpg|Rate dependant left bundle branch aberration|thumb]]

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