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Pathologic Q Waves

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For those interested: the [ Minnesota Code Classification System for Electrocardiographic Findings] contains a very extensive definition of pathologic Q waves.
The Novacode system further classifies ischemic abnormalities in patients with no known history of myocardial infarction:<cite>novacode</cite>
* High risk of ischemic injury/ Q wave MI:
** Major Q waves: Q >= 50ms or Q >= 40 ms AND R/Q < 4,
* Moderate risk of ischemc injury / possible Q wave MI:
** Q >= 30 ms and ST deviation > 0.20 mV (minor Q waves with STT abnormalities)
** Q >= 40 ms and ST deviation < 0.20mV (moderate Q waves without STT abnormalities)
* Marginal risk of ischemic injury / possible Q wave MI:
** Isolated T wave abnormalities
** Minor Q waves (shallow Q < 30ms) and ST deviation < 0.15 mV
* Low risk of ischemic injury
** No significant Q waves or STT abnormalities
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