So Epsom salt is supposed to help my aches ok here goes 39

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Gravando os baixos neste exato momento. Whats good bro whats the word wow...G.A.D, epsom salt nice game bro! aww thanks aha (: I speak my mind and idgaf. Not knowing what a belt is doesn't make you a gangsta . poo I aint gon lie...I was tryna see her get hit lol "El varón no es una máquina de tener erecciones y puede negarse si una mujer no le interesa

She said I got yo card and balloon for valentines day. *looks at calendar. Ok do she know she 2 weeks late lol. Cute tho. Thanks J Baby. eiiii o q ando fazendo, o lugar de fika dando trela ehh akeeee afffffff droga idk. What class are you in? A real man's love comes from his heart. teamfollowback ..Lol That Aint Right ..

Wat to get for dinner at work .... <<<<< I'm reading The Sinner TheSinner quando?? Quero sair hoje, amanhã. Só não aguento mais ficar em casaaa O gordinho, emagreceu. O nerdzinho, ficou rico. O que chorava, calou a boca de todo mundo. E você que tanto julgou, se tornou quem mesmo? I'm doing that tonight :) I got the paper. Siiim siiim ,,, que booom anjaa s2 ,,,, fazendooo amoor ? *-*

Shakespeare's death mask on display for the first time in macabre exhibition of medical artifacts La música es el mejor escape a las estupideces de las personas. Sometimes u really gotta fall back like 20 steps... yeah some kid from bounce U. toofar RT getting some good and often entertaining questions for our interview w/ both here and on our (cont Best stoner munchies? Um, some of THESE - - spon O segredo para um bom relacionamento é beleza e paciência. Se der certo, beleza; se não der, paciência.

Biggest Noob around KnowDhat I've never seen someone stalk someone so much as you you stalk him. Es esto que es lo que esta pasando en y este cambio de roles hoy la Diva hace de Nandy pero que risa Shoutout everyone that supports iGiveNoloves! HighSchoolMemories when clowned had me weak every single time lol 11 mod weight training This game though >>> Super excited for season! Feel myself and teammates getting better & better each day- taking advantage of each opportunity family