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*Neuro-mediated bradycardia, such as in a vasovagal reaction
File:Sinusbradycardia.png|An example of sinusbradycardia
File:E0003195.png|Another 12 lead example of sinus bradycardia

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This is part of: Sinus node rhythms and arrhythmias
Atrial rate < 60 bpm
Ventricular rate same
Regularity regular
Origin sinus node
P-wave normal
Effect of adenosine slows down
Example ECG: Sinusbradycardia of around 40 bpm.Sinusbradycardia
Example ECG2:

In sinus bradycardia the sinus node fires at a slow (<60 bpm) rate. Causes of sinus bradycardia include:

  • Normal physiology in an athelete
  • Medication (beta-blockers)
  • Ischemia (typically inferior myocardial infarction with involvement of the sinus node artery)
  • Hypothermia
  • Hypothyroidism.
  • Neuro-mediated bradycardia, such as in a vasovagal reaction