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|mainauthor= [[user:Drj|J.S.S.G. de Jong]]
|moderator= [[T.T. Keller]]
[[Image:Nsr.jpg|thumb| A normal ECG]]
{| class="wikitable"
!Characteristics of a normal ECG
* '''[[Rhythm]]''': [[Sinus node rhythms and arrhythmias|sinus]]
* '''[[Rate]]''': 60-100 bpm
* '''[[Conduction]]''':
** [[Conduction#The PQ interval|PQ interval]] 120-200ms
** [[Conduction#The QRS interval|QRS width]] 60-100ms
** [[Conduction#The QT interval|QTc interval]] 390-450ms (use the [[QTc calculator]] for this)
* '''[[Heart axis]]''': between -30 and +90 degrees
* '''[[P wave morphology]]''':
** The maximal height of the P wave is 2.5 mm in leads II and / or III
** The p wave is positive in II and AVF, and biphasic in V1
** The p wave duration is usually shorter than 0.12 seconds
* '''[[QRS morphology]]''':
**No [[Q waves|pathological Q waves]]
**No left or right ventricular [[hypertrophy]]
**No [[microvoltage]]
**Normal R wave propagation. (R waves increase in amplitude from V1-V5)
* '''[[ST morphology]]'''
**No [[ST morphology|ST elevation or depression]]
**T waves should be [[ST morphology|concordant with the QRS complex]]
* The ECG should not have changed from the previous ECG

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