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===What is the infarct location?===
Click on the ECG for magnification. Click on answer for the results of the angiography.
<gallery caption:"What is the infarct location">
Image:ami0001.jpg|[[Answer example 1]]
Image:ami0002.jpg|[[Answer example 2]]
Image:ami0003.jpg|[[Answer example 3]]
Image:ami0004.jpg|[[Answer example 4]]
Image:ami0005.jpg|[[Answer example 5]]
Image:ami0006.jpg|[[Answer example 6]]
Image:ami0007.jpg|[[Answer example 7]]
Image:ami0008.jpg|[[Answer example 8]]
Image:ami0009.jpg|[[Answer example 9]]
Image:ami0010.jpg|[[Answer example 10]]
Image:ami0011.jpg|[[Answer example 11]]
Image:ami0013.jpg|[[Answer example 12]]

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