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==Arrhythmias (Gallery layout)==
==Arrhythmias (Gallery layout)==
<gallery height=80px perrow=6 caption="Arrhythmias Cases">
<gallery height=80px perrow=6 caption="Arrhythmias Cases" >
Image:Casus1_2.jpg|[[Case 1]] testing text here text text text testing text here text text text.
Image:Casus1_2.jpg|frame|[[Case 1]] testing text here text text text testing text here text text text.
Image:KJcasus3.jpg|[[Case 2]]
Image:KJcasus3.jpg|frame|[[Case 2]]
Image:KJcasus9.jpg|[[Case 3]]
Image:KJcasus9.jpg|frame|[[Case 3]]
Image:Triblock.png|[[Case 4]]
Image:Triblock.png|frame|[[Case 4]]
Image:JJ00004.png|[[Case 5]]
Image:JJ00004.png|frame|[[Case 5]]
Image:ECG000006.jpg|[[Example 26]]
Image:ECG000006.jpg|frame|[[Example 26]]

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Below you can find some common examples. ECGs can be magnified by clicking on the image....

Ischemia & Myocardial Infarction

An overview of the coronary arteries. LM = 'Left Main' = mainstem; LAD = 'Left Anterior Descending' artery; RCX = Ramus Circumflexus; RCA = 'Right Coronary Artery'.

Guess the culprit coronary artery that was occluded in these examples of myocardial infarctions

examples of myocardial infarctions


Case 1 Case 2 Case 3 Case 4 Case 5 Example 26

Arrhythmias (Gallery layout)

Electrolyte Disorders


Click on the text below the ECG for the answers. Click on the ECG for enlargement of the ECG itself...

Advanced Cases

For more advanced cases see: